Defining Mortgage Rates

A mortgage rate is quite simply the rate (or percentage) of interest charged by a mortgage lender. Mortgage rates are determined by lenders and can be fixed, staying the same for the term (which is usually five years and not to be confused with amortization which is the entire lifetime of the mortgage until it is entirely paid off (usually 25 to 30 years)), or variable, which fluctuating interest rate that is linked to the prime lending rate. Typically a bank will be limited to offering you a set mortgage rate while brokers have wider access to lenders and thus more options for rates, dependant on the amount being borrowed, income of the applicant, as well as credit score and other factors. A lower rate saves borrowers money.

Dedicated to finding you the lowest rates possible

Shane is dedicated to providing his clients with confidence and peace of mind that they’re getting their lowest best rate with the best conditions possible. This low rate, with conditions suited to you, results in potential savings each payment and huge savings of over thousands of dollars throughout the lifetime of your mortgage, helping you pay your mortgage off faster on your path to freedom.

While banks can are limited in only being able to offer you their in-house range of products and are stuck in the rates they can provide, Shane works for you and searches hundreds of lenders (from Canada’s biggest banks to smallest credit unions and trust companies) and mortgage products and find the lowest rate possible for you. What are you waiting for? Contact Shane now and get a great low rate now.

Mortgage Architects Rates

While the posted rates are amongst the lowest available in the current market, Shane is continually keeping abreast of industry rates and as a trusted and experienced professional, has access to a variety of lenders offering special rates that may be lower than those indicated.

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Shane offers great rates and great service.

Shane, partnered with Mortgage Architects, offers great rates and amongst the absolute best you will find anywhere in Canada. As we work with hundreds of trusted lenders, including major banks and credit unions, we search nationwide to find you the best rate for your mortgage with conditions suited to your unique finances.

Confused by mortgage rates? You're not alone

Understanding the ever-changing mortgage process can be difficult for the most seasoned of homeowners. That’s why Shane and his team are happy to provide clients with step-by-step explanations as they go through the mortgage financing experience. Whether it’s the difference between a fixed or variable rate mortgage or deciding which product best suits your current budget and lifestyle, they’re here to help you.

Shane takes the time to explain the process, the industry, current rates and rate trends, and work with you to decide which product is going to leave you satisfied without any remorse. What’s even better is that they aren’t limited in the options that we can provide like your bank (they search hundreds of products and lenders so you don’t have to) and they aren’t working for the lenders as they’re always working for you.

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Shane understands the importance of finding the right mortgage product at absolute great rates. That’s why he and his team are dedicated to searching hundreds of lenders, using their industry relationships to find you the best rate and product available. In turn, you receive the maximum savings during each of your monthly payments and throughout the lifetime of your mortgage; giving you more money for the things that truly matter.