Home Purchases

Defining Home Purchase

A home purchase refers to the purchase of real estate (or “real property”), which is the land and any property attached directly to it, by a home buyer. Essentially this purchase is the complete transfer of title, which is a bundle of rights in a piece of property) from seller to buyer. As a commonwealth country, Canada derives much of its law surrounding property law, including terminology and process, from English common law, some dating back to William the Conqueror. Real estate transactions are generally handled by a real estate salesperson (REALTOR®) and a lawyer, contracted by the seller and buyer (often after contacting a mortgage broker for pre-approval). While it is advisable to use a REALTOR®, it is not legally required.

You can trust Shane with your next purchase

With seemingly ever-increasing real estate prices, more and more Canadians are turning to mortgage agents, like Shane, to help arrange mortgage financing for what is often their biggest purchase and best investment – their home. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or purchasing a forever home, Shane and his experienced team will help expertly guide you through the entire process.

When dealing in real estate, the most valuable investment and highest risk most people ever take, it is extremely important to understand the process, terminology, and the roles played by various professionals and documents, much of which is derived from English common law. Having studied real estate as well, Shane is knowledgable in realty and as your financing partner, is committed to saving you time and money.

Home Purchase

Shane and his team are committed to ensuring that each and every home purchaser is aware of the mortgage options that are available to them prior to their purchase and closing date. With an array of lenders to choose from, each with diverse and unique mortgage products, Shane is dedicated to matching purchasers with their perfect mortgage financing that not only has the best rate but also absolute great conditions worked around their unique situation. He and his team work with you to explore your options and help save you money by avoiding sneaky hidden fees and costly penalties.

Dedicated to providing the highest standard of excellence in mortgage financing customer service, you can have peace of mind in trusting Shane to handle the financing for the purchase of your next home. Often starting with a pre-approval, Shane can explain your unique financing options and help you understand what fits within your budget prior to approaching a real estate salesperson (REALTOR®). With a range of lenders to search through, he and his team always maximize your purchasing power by ensuring that you get your dream home at a great rate and affordable payments.

  • Mortgage pre-approvals and consultations are offered FREE (O.A.C.) and require no commitment or obligation – simply honest mortgage advice.
  • A mortgage pre-approval can be obtained prior to contacting a real estate salesperson (REALTOR®). In fact, it usually makes your purchase process go smoother and quicker as you will have an idea of your shopping parameters.
  • Many real estate salespersons (REALTORS®) will ask if you have obtained a mortgage pre-approval before offering their purchasing assistance to you.
  • Having studied real estate trading and services through the University of British Columbia (UBC), Shane understands the home purchasing process and can use his unique and expansive insight to better guide and serve you.
  • Shane has access to hundreds of lenders to provide you with an excellent mortgage experience, providing great rates and leading conditions to clients with all financial situations and credit histories, from superb to struggling.
  • Excellent service and discretion for clients with luxury home purchases.
  • As specialists in home purchases, including first-time home buyers, you have chosen a trusted and experienced team to work with for your mortgage.

Looking at financing your purchase?

Let Shane and his experienced team of mortgage experts help you with your home purchase and eliminate the stress and worry it often brings. With your dream home possibly hanging in the balance, Shane’s dedication to excellence makes the difference.

Benefits of Purchasing a Home

Rent vs. Investment

In most cases, purchasing presents a better financial option than renting. A portion of each mortgage payment often represents an investment as home value rises, whereas rent is seen as having little to no return.

Your Design & Style

Renters are often limited in their ability to choose the design and style of their rented properties, requiring permission to make even the smallest changes. Purchasing allows you to express your unique taste.


Purchasing a home allows you to choose your neighbourhood and represents an investment in your community, fostering a sense of community pride, involvement (i.e. schools, clubs, etc.) and lifelong ties.

Lock-in a great rate now to save yourself from future rises

Once you’ve obtained a mortgage pre-approval from Shane and his team, Shane will work with the lender you are interested in to “lock-in” a current great mortgage rate which you can keep for 90-120 days. If rates drop, Shane will then drop the held rate in favour of the lower rate.

There are few greater excitements in life than purchasing a home; whether it’s for the first time, an additional investment property, or your dream home for retirement. I would love to share in that excitement with you and offer you the expertise and experience my team and I possess to ensure a smooth purchasing experience that brings great benefits and rates that ultimately translate into savings each and every month.

― Shane Osmond, Mortgage Professional

Home Purchase Process

While Shane approaches each client’s situation and circumstance in the best-tailored manner to benefit them and their unique financial situation and goals, Shane has outlined the general path undertaken by his clients when purchasing a home and are looking to make sure they receive the absolute best benefits and savings available to them. While this process may not represent your circumstance precisely, it is meant to be a general guide to understand the home purchasing process as it pertains to mortgage financing.

Step 1
Interested in Purchasing Property
Whether you've been thinking of it for a while and have everything in order (such as a source of down payment), just want to set a savings goal, or already found your dream home, you are interested in exploring your options for mortgage financing. Shane and his team can issue a pre-approval or get started on your financing right away.

Once you have a pre-approval, you can confidently contact your real estate salesperson (REALTOR®) to begin searching for your home.
Step 1
Step 2
Contact Shane Osmond
Since you want the best benefits and great rates with your mortgage on your purchase, you contact Shane and his team, through one of the many contact methods on our contact page or by phone at (437) 995-3210, for a free mortgage pre-approval or more. Shane can contact you through your method of choice at a time most convenient for you. With extended working hours daily, Shane is available for you.
Step 2
Step 3
Application & Financials Submitted
After a thorough free mortgage consultation, you will be asked to submit an application, along with supporting documentation, for financing through OsmondMortgages.com. Alternatively, if you have your home already selected or you are ready to apply now, you can proceed to making an application without an initial consultation.
Step 3
Step 4
Options Reviewed & Presented
You can now relax with the peace of mind knowing Shane and his team are working tirelessly for you, searching hundreds of lenders throughout Canada. Shane and his team then present you with your best options for your mortgage. Honest and transparent, with no obligation to accept, Shane will make recommendations and find a product that best fits you and your financial situation and goals. If you prefer any particular lender/bank, Shane can take that into precise consideration to fit your unique preferences when receiving quotes.
Step 4
Step 5
Mortgage Approved & Completed
Once you've been presented with your options and selected the mortgage perfect for you, Shane and his team will get to work in obtaining approval from the lender, retrieve any final documents, and initiate the process to complete your mortgage to receive funds.

You could be in your home within days as Shane is committed to working quickly, efficiently, and to saving you time and money.
Step 5

Frequently Asked Questions

While some clients choose to contact their real estate salesperson (REALTOR®) first when they are looking to purchase a property, we suggest first obtaining your mortgage pre-approval and then contacting a licensed and qualified real estate salesperson (REALTOR®) as most will ask you to obtain a pre-approval prior to beginning the search for your next property. In obtaining it first, you are saving yourself time, energy, and resources, and will generally make for a smoother purchasing experience.

A pre-approval is always free from Shane and his team. They work for you and don’t believe in hidden fees, false and misleading messages such as gimmicky advertising, or charging extravagant fees for the highest standard of excellence in customer service that they offer. They are dedicated to open and honest advice and recommendations.

The services of Shane and his team in mortgage financing are free (O.A.C.) in nearly all circumstances. It is only in the most extreme and challenging of situations when fees are applicable. If there are any fees for the service of Shane and his team, you are advised of them up front and agree to them prior to the commencement of any mortgage financing services. As stated, this is a rare occurrence. Shane works for you and doesn’t believe in hidden fees, false and misleading messages such as gimmicky advertising, or charging extravagant fees for the highest standard of excellence in customer service that we offer. Shane is dedicated to open and honest advice and recommendations.

The first step in obtaining a mortgage pre-approval is submitting an application (follow the “Apply” button anywhere on OsmondMortgages.com). Afterward, you may be contacted to gather some additional information and briefly discuss your situation as we always strive to provide personally tailored mortgage solutions. Following this, you may be required to submit final documentation, however, a mortgage pre-approval is generally a quick and easy way to understand your mortgage financing options. We are committed to making the process quick, easy, and as hassle-free as possible while ensuring you are accurately provided with the best options for your unique finances.

While you may have heard the claim “instant pre-approval”, a truly comprehensive and reliable mortgage pre-approval does take a considerable amount of work from Shane and his team. While you need only to submit the application and possibly answer a few additional questions regarding your unique financial situation, Shane and his team work hard behind the scenes to provide you with a pre-approval as quickly as possible. With our level of expertise and experience, we are often able to process a pre-approval in minutes to hours once we have gathered all the information and documentation that we may require and within the normal operating business hours of the exceptional lenders that we work with (such as monoline lenders, credit unions, banks, etc.). Overall, your pre-approval obtained from Shane and his team is quick and easy.

No, you are under no obligation to use the terms and conditions outlined from your pre-approval. You may use it as a reference for future shopping by determining how you will budget yourself in the near future to finally make a property purchase, or use it to begin shopping for your next property within hours or days. Either way, there is no obligation involved with the pre-approval and while there are countless benefits, including holding a great rate for 90-120 days, you can always disregard the pre-approval.

As part of the pre-approval process, you will be given a total mortgage approval amount and a great rate. This rate can be held for 90-120 days, depending on the lender. In extreme circumstances, this rate may be held for longer. This is a benefit as clients will usually want to contact a real estate salesperson (REALTOR®) after they have received their pre-approval and begin shopping. As you shop, interest rates may increase but as you have a pre-approval from Shane, you can still use your pre-approval rate and will be safe from the increased payment cost that an increased rate could bring, as well as the decreased total eligible mortgage amount that could also be a result.

Absolutely not as you will always get a great low rate when working with Shane and his team, as your financial situation permits, as they will work hard to get you the best mortgage financing product within your budget and at your best low rate. If your pre-approval states a rate higher than that which is available to you when you are ready to make your home purchase, Shane and his team will utilize the lower rate and provide you with the most savings possible – something that they always strive to provide their clients. The same applies to any possible mortgage terms or conditions that may be more favourable at that time than when you originally received your pre-approval.

While you are under no obligation to use any recommended real estate salesperson (REALTOR®) and many people often have their preferred professionals, Shane and his team do have a team of recommended professionals that they know, trust, and who have proven themselves to share the same level of dedication to excellence that Shane and his team possess for each and every one of his clients. We recommend obtaining a pre-approval prior to engaging the services of a real estate salesperson (REALTOR®) in the interest of time and energy savings. Contact Shane and his team now to receive the information of their recommended real estate salesperson (REALTOR®).