Home Equity

Defining Home Equity

Home equity is the market value of a homeowner’s unencumbered interest in their real property, that is, the difference between the home’s fair market value and the outstanding balance of all liens on the property (i.e. any mortgages). Also known as real property value, home equity is approximately calculated by taking the total value of your home and subtracting the amount of money remaining on the balance of your current mortgage and any additional liens. This difference can often be obtained in funds through a new or additional mortgage. Generally, in Canada, a homeowner may be able to use a broker to assist them in taking up to 80% of their home value (equity) and converting into funds available to them.

Imagine what your home equity could do for you

Like most home and business owners, you’ve worked hard to make regular payments throughout the lifetime of your mortgage. Whether you’re paying a mortgage for the first time or a seasoned homeowner with considerable equity in your home, Shane and his team can help you unlock your home equity and convert it into funds for you to use however you please for you and your family.

Whether you’re ready for a vacation in the sun, renovating your home, paying your children’s student tuition, consolidating high-interest debt such as loans and credit cards, or simply looking for some extra help in order to pay down debt and make ends meet, Shane can help you turn the amount of ownership in your home into available funds quickly and without hassle, while ensuring a great interest rate and terms.

Home Equity

Turn home equity into funds

Contact Shane and his team today to unlock your home equity and convert it to funds to use on the important things, whether home renovations or your children’s tuition. We make it easy and efficient and work around your schedule to obtain your funds.

Shane can complete your application entirely online or over the phone, as well as in person. Shane offers a variety of options to connect with you and works around your schedule, allowing you to indicate the best time and method for him to contact you.

What could you use your HOME EQUITY for?

Pay Off High-Interest Debt

If you're paying ongoing debts with interest rates higher than your current mortgage rate, use your equity to pay off these debts and potentially save thousands that would be paid in interest.

Renovate/Update your Home

Obtain your equity to finally give yourself the kitchen you always wanted, complete necessary repairs, or update your home to become more energy efficient. In turn, you may be able to sell it for more.

Buy Investment Property

Gain possible extra income, or plan for your future, through the purchase of investment property by utilizing your home equity. This creates potential monthly income through leasing.

Create a Rainy Day Fund

You can take your home equity to create a rainy day fund that could be set aside in the event of a family emergency such as death, illness, or unexpected income interruption, such as a lay-off.

Take the Trip of a Lifetime

You worked hard to gain equity in your home. Utilize your funds to take the trip of a lifetime that you've always wanted to take. Whether it's a vacation in the sun or leisurely river cruising in Europe.

Marry the Love of your Life

Marriage can be paramount to buying a home. However, many people sadly put off their weddings because of the large expense. Take out your home equity to marry in style, stress-free.

Start or Grow your Family

As you grow your family you don't want to have the worry and stress of the expenses this growth can bring. Use your home equity to start your own family and expand your home with priceless love.

Extra Retirement Funds

Planning for retirement can be difficult and sometimes our best-made plans can go astray. You can offset your retirement dreams with your home equity and enjoy it without the worry of finances.

Pay for Tuition and Fees

Give your children the education they deserve or complete your own educational upgrading without stress when you obtain your home equity to pay your tuition and additional fees.

Purchase Investments

Retrieve your home equity and invest funds into a portfolio that suits your risk tolerance. Whether it's day trading or long-term investments to yield potential returns for retirement.


As you grow your family you don't want to have the worry and stress of the expenses this growth can bring. Use your home equity to start your own family and expand your home with priceless love.


Planning for retirement can be difficult and sometimes our best made plans can go astray. You can offset your retirement dreams with your home equity and enjoy it without the worry of finances.

Do you have high-interest debt to consolidate?

If you’re paying any debt with higher interest than your current mortgage rate it may be time to consider taking out your home equity and converting it into funds to pay off high-interest debt such as credit cards, high-interest loans, auto financing, or any others. Consolidating this high-interest debt would not only would this give you peace of mind, but also potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest.

Whether you’re looking to consolidate pesky high-interest debt or want to travel across the globe on the trip of a lifetime, I’m dedicated to helping my valued clients convert their home equity into funds. I strive to make it simple and to always minimize any associated fees while finding the absolute lowest rate. Giving you the most money at the lowest cost to spend on the things that truly matter to you and your family.

― Shane Osmond, Mortgage Professional

Wondering how you convert your home equity into funds?

You may qualify to refinance up to 80% of the value of your home. Shane and his team will work with you to help you assess your home value, understand your current mortgages terms, and then find you the best mortgage, with the absolute lowest rate, to suit your financial goals.

The Process of Converting your Home Equity to Funds

While Shane approaches each client’s situation and circumstance in the best manner to benefit them and their financial situation and goals, we’ve outlined the general path undertaken by most of our clients as they seek to convert their home equity into funds while receiving the most savings and benefits available to them.

Step 1
Identify A Need for Home Equity
Whether you want to pay off high-interest debt, renovate your home, or purchase an investment property, you may identify a need in your life and current financial situation for the funds that your home equity could generate. Whatever your reason or motivation, in many cases turning your home equity to funds can actually save you money.
Step 1
Step 2
Contact Shane for More Information
You've decided you want to retrieve the equity in your home so you've contacted Shane, through one of the many contact methods on his contact page or by phone at (647) 641-2727, for a free consultation. Shane will contact you through the method of your choice and time most convenient to you to start the process.
Step 2
Step 3
Have a Free Mortgage Consultation
Shane will conduct a consultation with you to determine your financial situation, goals, and best method in moving forward to obtain your home equity in funds. He'll discuss some of the products currently offered, the low mortgage rates he is often able to obtain, and approximate timeline for you from application to funding.
Step 3
Step 4
Submit an Application
If you wish to proceed in converting your home equity into funds, you submit an application - along with supporting documentation - and Shane will proceed in finding a lender offering a suitable product for you at the lowest rate possible. You then relax as Shane and his team gets to work in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.
Step 4
Step 5
Approval Obtained & Funding
Once approved, Shane will contact you to let you know the good news and discuss the final steps required before he "closes the deal". These final steps include final review and signatures, which he'll work with you to obtain in the easiest way possible, possibly even electronically. Aside from any additional lender requirements, funding soon follows.
Step 5