Alternative Solutions

Defining Alternative Solutions

Alternative solutions is a general term used within the mortgage industry to describe uniquely tailored solutions designed by a licensed mortgage professional to provide their clients with the ability to obtain a home despite having a current financial situation or conditions that would disqualify them from appropriate through most traditional lenders, especially national banks and credit unions. These conditions most popularly include a low credit score, non-existent or bruised credit history, or no or irregular income. Mortgage professionals obtain approvals by clients by accessing non-traditional lenders who offer solutions to those who within non-optimal lending parameters, allowing them to still obtain mortgage financing.

Shane may be able to obtain your approval now

Shane believes that a low credit score, bruised credit history, and irregular income or no income history shouldn’t stand in the way of you owning a home, which is a dream for so many Canadians. He and his team understand that everyone falls on economic tough times and that past choices to financially survive shouldn’t destroy your ability to live in your own home and build your home equity.

Working with some of the best and most trusted non-traditional lenders who offer alternative mortgage solutions for those who experienced past challenging financial times, Shane and his team are able to accept the application of all clients and search many lenders to work and obtain your approval. Without judgement or delay, they work tirelessly to get you and your family into your next dream home.

Alternative Solutions

Most Canadians dream of home ownership and understand the many benefits that ownership can provide over renting, including the ability to build home equity as a possible means of future funds. For some, however, they feel that due to their low credit score, past credit history, or irregular income or inability to prove income, that they are automatically disqualified from owning a home. While this may have been true in the past, the current market offers many non-traditional lenders who offer alternative solutions for those seeking mortgage financing with bruised credit.

Shane accepts the applications of all clients, regardless of their financial situation, and is happy to review each application with a key focus of obtaining his client’s approval with the best mortgage financing possible at their best rate, and with terms and conditions that benefit them and their financial goals. He and his team will work tirelessly to search through many trusted lenders who offer alternative mortgage products in an effort to pair you with a lender that will approve financing for your home purchase or refinance. As experienced professionals, Shane and his team are known within the industry and have long ongoing relationships with many lenders.

Working without judgement and in with the strictest confidentiality while using the latest in secure technology, Shane and his team can quickly and efficiently process your application and financing entirely online or over the phone, with as much or as little in person as best suits you. Whether you’d like to start now by applying online or prefer to apply over the phone, Shane and his team will work with you and around your schedule to ensure that you receive the best mortgage financing service possible. An application now could put you into your new home sooner rather than later.

In addition to processing your application and financing, if approved, Shane will also help offer you guidance and strategies for improving your credit or income situation to position yourself in a strong position to repair your credit, solidify your income and income history, and give yourself the best negotiating power for approval in the near future or for your refinance or renewal at the end of your mortgage term when approved. It’s all part of Shane’s dedication to providing the highest standard of excellence in service to his valued clients, no matter their credit score or history.

  • Shane accepts applications from all clients, regardless of credit score, credit history, or income amounts or levels. He and his team may be able to help.
  • Working with many non-traditional lenders who offer alternative mortgage solutions, Shane and his team work tirelessly to obtain approvals for those with low credit scores, bruised credit history, and irregular income situations.
  • As a licensed mortgage agent, Shane works in a confidential environment, without judgement, to provide clients with the highest standard of excellence in mortgage financing service, irrespective of credit scores or histories.
  • Shane and his team utilize the latest in secure technology to allow you to complete your application and financing entirely online, if desired.
  • A mortgage pre-approval is highly recommended prior to contacting a real estate salesperson (REALTOR®), particularly for those with low credit scores, bruised credit history, or irregular income with little to no income history.
  • A mortgage pre-approval does not require any commitment or obligation to use the lending terms outlined in the pre-approval, including amount or rate.
  • A mortgage pre-approval will outline the total mortgage amount you are eligible to receive (pending final approval) and allow you hold current rates, which can result in savings if rates increase while you shop for your property.
  • You can get started on a pre-approval for submitting an application now. Shane and his team understand the real estate market, and how quickly it moves, and will make every effort to quickly complete your pre-approval.
  • Shane will offer personally tailored strategies and advice to help individuals improve their credit situation and solidify their income and income history, whether to help them obtain future approval or to help maintain their mortgage and have a better negotiating power for refinancing or renewal.

Learn how you can still be approved

As licensed and experienced mortgage professionals, Shane and his team work tirelessly to obtain approval for those with credit blemishes or irregular income. Shane believes that a low credit score shouldn’t disqualify you from home ownership.

Approval for Poor Credit and Income

Shane and his team work with many trusted non-traditional lenders who are able to provide mortgage financing to clients with low or no credit score, bruised credit history, or irregular income or income history.

Advice and Guidance for Improving Credit

Above simply processing your financing, Shane invests in the success of his clients and works with them to help them understand how they can obtain approval in the future or improve their credit for refinancing or renewal.

Start Building your Home Equity

When owning a home vs. renting, you can begin to build your home equity as an investment for you and your family's future. Shane and his team can help you begin with obtaining you approval for mortgage financing.

Shane obtains approval for clients with bruised credit

Whether you have a low credit score, past credit bruises, or irregular income, Shane can often still obtain approval for those who would normally be declined by their banks. With access to non-traditional lenders, Shane may still be able to make your home ownership a reality.

We have almost all experienced financial hardships at some point, often reflected in our credit scores or credit history. For many, they sadly believe that these credit bruises and blemishes disqualify them from home ownership or the conversion of equity from their home into funds. This simply isn’t true as I work with many lenders who share in my understanding and dedication to provide financing for all.

― Shane Osmond, Mortgage Professional

Want to better understand your credit report?

In addition to obtaining a mortgage approval for those with bruised credit, Shane offers valuable advice and resources to help his clients better understand their credit report. He also develops personally tailored strategies to help clients improve their credit and eligibility.